• It's a small thing in everyday life, but have you ever thought about it? If you add some clever ideas, it will make people shine. In plain life, you can enjoy some details to make your friends have good taste. Today, I will share a few of the creative diy methods for the coaster, and you will be able to improve your taste in the home.

    The dead branch was made into a padded mat
    Materials: dead branches, ropes, scissors

    Popsicle stick coaster
    Such wooden grid trays are now popular and can be found everywhere in grocery stores or in cafes, so make one yourself. Wooden and simple material is a combination of various cups, simple structure will not have complicated production process.
    Material: Popsicle stick, hot melt gun, scissors

    Material: Popsicle stick, hot melt gun, pattern adhesive tape, scissors

    Weave the cup mat
    Materials: thick rope, scissors
    The steps are as follows:

    Hemp rope cup mat
    Material: coarse hemp rope, cardboard bottom pad, hot melt gun, scissors
    The steps are as follows:

    Red wine cork coaster
    Material: red wine cork, hot melt gun, art knife
    The steps are as follows:

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  • Fall in fashion
    A thin knitted dress meet all demand for you!

    It is said that every season has its own dress, and in countless dress patterns, it is believed that everyone will feel that knitted dresses are the most suitable for autumn.
    Knit material gives a person a kind of natural aesthetic feeling, the most simple style also can highlight a woman's graceful curve, and the knitting dress of the show field is high and elegant. ▼

    Oscar DE la Renta 2017 / Proenza Schouler 2017
    From the fashionable dress to the street, the knitted skirt is the darling of fashionable essence, put on a knitted skirt with simple sense, never go out of date.
    How to wear and match different stature
    There may be some girls who have a bad impression of knitted dresses. Looks like so fat and easily exposed to flaws when they wearing the knitted dresses. In fact, not the case, according to their own shape to choose the right style, can also wear very beautiful, but also looks very thin.▼

    Banana shape
    The figure of the person of banana type figure is not obvious, the most appropriate to wear the stripe tights to pack a hip knit skirt, the design of bare shoulder and stripe make originally not apparent bosom buttock becomes more plump. ▼

    Apple-shaped figure
    The shape of the apple is relatively round, it is better to choose the knitted skirt with big skirt of v-neck, the design of v-neck can weaken the shoulders, and the design of large skirt is able to transfer the visual center of gravity. ▼

    Pear shape
    Most of the girls in Asia are pear-shaped, the hips are plump, and the a-line skirt can be worn to soften the hips. ▼

    A loose, straight tube dress is also suitable for a girl with a pear-shaped figure. ▼

    Hourglass figure
    Hourglass shape figure curve is obvious, front protruding hind, best fit is to wear the knitted skirt of the waist, can accentuate the advantage of figure. ▼

    Fashionable style this year
    Bind the design
    The design of a knot is particularly popular this year, not only enhances the overall modelling sense, but also accentuates the figure's curve. ▼

    TSE 2017 / Nanushka 2017
    Green knit dress is very composed atmosphere, tie-in pair of a pair of high heels is more feminine. ▼

    Chromatic stripe
    The element of stripe has been very popular, the stripe of color is applied in knitting dress, appear more vivid and interesting, give the vigor for whole body collocation. ▼

    She recently wore striped knit dresses on the street. ▼

    Vented design
    The design of the slits can be hidden and embellished with the perfect leg shape, which makes it look slimmer and sexy. ▼

    The skirt of the dress that opens the skirt of the skirt is put on the design of tassel, not only accentuate the figure, also become more clever. ▼

    A knitted dress with many combinations
    Wear layers
    Layer sense can make the dress of the whole becomes more advanced, and in the collocation of knitting dress, add a second outfit or jacket can build a layer sense easily again.

    A loose knitted dress can be paired with a matching pleated skirt, which is very refreshing and beautiful. ▼

    And a design sense of knitted dress, the lower dress is as simple as possible to give priority to. ▼

    When you wear a tight knit dress, you can also wear a coat outside when it's cold. ▼

    Knit skirts plus sneakers
    Use sneaker to mix the skirt is this two years of the popular method, wear can weaken the knitting languid is lazy sex appeal, at the same time still very reducing age. ▼

    A grey straight tube dress, a pair of small white shoes, the tone is very uniform, contracted and can be beautiful very senior. ▼

    In addition to pair of small white shoe, pair of pair of canvas shoes also can wear glamour fashionable feeling. ▼

    Knitted skirt + boots
    Knitwear and boots are all in the autumn, and wear short boots to match the knitted dress, with the same color, simplicity and atmosphere. ▼

    Of course, over-the-knee boots are also very popular this year, in contrast to panasonic's tight contrast, easy to wear out of fashion sense. ▼

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  • New York Fashion Week has ended, in addition to the wonderful show field, there are more fashionable buyers and fashion models etc in outside. today we will follow their footsteps, with your keen sense of fashion to capture the fashion trend of autumn 2017.

    Printed long sleeves dress

    Into the fall, the temperature dropped, many sexy sling dresses are slowly out of sight, replaced by a variety of long-sleeved dress, from the New York Fashion Week shooting we can see that long-sleeved dress is no longer a simple low-key style, but are in a variety of romantic printing and colorful forms of color, and even more more lotus leaf, cake skirt design, which are more feminine.

    Vintage checkered / stripe elements

    Checkered and stripes are the ivy of fashion circles, never quit the fashionable stage, and this year the highest rate of checkout is the brown vintage series, abandoned the handsome,but more college style.
    While the stripe element is still the best to create a sense of visual impact. Stripes are not only full of rhythm and fashion sense, the most important thing is to shape the body.

    Mix And Match Sport Style

    Sports style has not subsided which is popular from the early spring. and now some fashionable sports single product is the new darling of fashion circles, such as slits or striped pants. The combination of skirt mix and match with sneakers is the most common.

    All Black

    All black in the spring and summer disappeared after a period of time, in the fall begins to popular, All black not only handsome, and no matter what style of black single product matching will never be wrong.

    Oversize Coat

    Over the past two years women disguised as men is hot,BF elements are joined into jackets by many designers,such as wide shoulders and oversize.this kind of jacket comes with competent and tough atmosphere. 
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  • Lively Halloween is coming, I believe that you already begun preparing Halloween costumes and props. Only special costumes and masks can make you stand out in the crowd. Follow me to Cutewe.com! There are a lot of special costumes and props. Lovely Mario costumes, Minions Jumpsuit costumes, Princess Vampire Witch Costumes, Pumpkin costumes, Colorful clown costumes, Fat clown costumes, Terrible clown mask, Masquerade Princess Mask and so on!

    Halloween costumes for kids adults

    Super Mario Bro Costumes Suit Halloween Party Cosplay Clothes For Kid/Adults
    Mario's image has been deeply rooted and see such a lovely Mario costumes, how can you refuse? And father and mother and children can all wear this costumes.
    Minion Jumpsuit Halloween Anime Despicable Me Costumes Suits Boys/Girls Kids/Adult Cosplay Clothes
    Minions in the Anime Despicable Me are becoming more and more popular.Imagine yourself wearing minions costumes
    on Halloween. How interesting it is!
    Children Girls Princess Vampire Witch Costumes Children's Day Halloween Costume For Kids Dress Carnival Party Cosplay
    Every little girl has a dream about becoming a princess or a witch. These costumes allow your children to realize the dream at Halloween.
    Halloween Costumes 2 Pieces Set Children Adult Pumpkin Clothes With Hat
    Pumpkin costumes can be said to be the most special clothes,and combine with pumpkin lights simply perfect.

    Clown Costumes

    Masquerade Party Costumes Circus Clown Cosplay Dress For Women
    Colorful clown costumes are also essential elements of Halloween.Eight kinds of styles you can choose, there is always a funny to meet your heart.
    Halloween Masquerade Costumes Funny Circus Clown Costume Naughty Harlequin Uniform Cosplay Dress For Women Men
    This clown costumes are specifically for men,and the purchase of this you can get many gifts, such as wigs, masks, gloves, etc.
    Halloween Adults Inflatable Cartoon Clown Costumes Stage Party Cosplay Clothes
    These are fat clown costumes, I have been attracted by its naive look, do not you?

    Spacial Masks

    Halloween Masquerade Princess Mask With Artificial Diamond Cosplay Half Face Mask
    Metal material, coupled with the embellishment of artificial diamonds, the mask instantly make you more noble.
    PAYDAY2 Party Mask Stereoscopic Effect Halloween Masquerade Cosplay Full Face Mask For Adult
    The Dark Knight Batman Adult Joker Clown Mask Halloween Party Cosplay Resin Clown Mask
    Adult Bank Robber Clown Mask Dark Knight Costumes Halloween Masquerade Party Resin Mask
    Terrible clown mask is suitable for Halloween horror atmosphere.
    If you like you can buy in cutewe.com. We guarantee all products are 100% new & Wholesale price, free shipping & 30 Day Returns Guarantee! Exquisite Products are waiting for you, never miss!
    Finally, Wish you have a nice Halloween!

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  • Blink of an eye is already in mid-September, the footsteps of autumn is also closer to us. What inner do you wear this fall? T-shirt, blouse, harness vest, or knitwear? As you worry about picking the coat , I also offer you a practical early autumn inner match guide, along with me and Look at it.

    No.1 Solid & Print T-Shirt

    As a inner single product, bear the brunt of the T-shirt, and many girls like to wear it mostly because of its comfort and easy.Now to the cool season, there are many ways to match with T-shirt,you can match with a suit, windbreaker or leather jacket, motorcycle clothes and so on. In the style you can also choose a solid color、printing or slogan T.

    No.2 Blouse

    Blouse is a classic in the wardrobe, lotus leaf, bow, super long sleeves and other popular elements are also used in the classic blouse,  but also gives the shirt more possibilities.Of course, the high popularity of the blouse is link to it's comfortable.As a inner, the blouse is not only fashion but also tempting.

    No.3 Thin Knitwear

    Now the knitwear is really fashionable. Like Gucci, Loewe and other brands develop a lot of people styles in it. You can choose the letter Logo or cartoon prints, stripes section.

    No.4 Harness Vest

    Harness vest can match with profile-shaped denim jacket, knitted cardigan and thin suit, which both let you instantly distributed charming sexy also allows you to be particularly lazy and charming, full of temperament!
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